Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sons Of Anarchy Vs. The Evil Dead Vs. Rockabilly Satanists!

The Nateflix Review of The Violent Kind
By Nate Hensley

The Violent Kind has a lot of problems, but originality ain’t one of them.

A horrific low budget B-movie, it basically brings together a bunch of random elements from other (read: better) movies and shows, throws them in a blender with a bucket of CGI blood, and then dumps the whole nasty mess onto your lap. And although the results are not pretty, I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

Our heroes are a pair of brothers who ride with a motorcycle gang, busting heads, raising hell and that kind of thing. The whole crew meets at a remote house for a birthday parties (nice touch – the brothers throw the party for their 50 year old mother, and are considerate enough to spring for pole-dancing strippers). As the party is winding down, weird things start to happen. The phones die, the vehicles won’t start, and worst of all one of the biker groupies has become possessed by some evil force that makes her start ripping off faces.

So for the first half, its pretty much Sons of Anarchy meets The Evil Dead. And then the Rockabilly Satanists show up, and everything just goes out the window. Yes, I did in fact use the term “Rockabilly Satanists” out of a complete lack of any other adequate description. A gang of toughs who appear to have come straight from the 1950s (or from a Reverend Horton Heat concert) lay siege to the house, seeking to take the possessed girl.

To what end? Who are these people? Where do they come from, and whats the deal with the symbols drawn in blood? Well, that’s what makes the movie so darned compelling. It’s just so weird I had to keep watching to find out where it was going. And where is it going? Well, suffice to say it has an ending that may be incredibly stupid, or possibly brilliant, but was precisely the last thing I expected.

Now, please bear in mind that this praise is being filtered through the lens of a B-movie. The acting is average at best, the effects are borderline at times, and the directing style is best summed up as an overt aping of Rob Zombie without the panache. But if you want some goofy gory fun, The Violent Kind isn’t a bad way to kill 90 minutes.

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